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Custom Staffing


Quadrus can put individual engineers on your project to provide specific expertise and integrate with the rest of your staff. Quadrus also offers teams of engineers for your projects to handle sections of the work such as integration, system test, sub-system specification and more.











Custom Software




Quadrus provides custom software and hardware solutions. Our services range from standard software development to the design and development of highly-complex software systems requiring senior level software management and development experience. We can deliver to you fully functional solutions that are ready for integration into your project.


Custom Support



From time to time you need support assistance with your project.  Whether you have a surge requirement, a small business contractor need, or must have replacement of a critical resource, Quadrus can provide support to every phase of your project from proposal and estimation, to design and development, through integration and qualification testing.





Project Support Services



• Systems Engineering

• Software Architecture

• Requirements Analysis

• System Design

• Software Development

• Integration and Test

• Proposal Preparation

• Project Management

• Process Evaluation

• Training

• Network Administration

• Quality Assurance



Hardware & Integration


• Network Systems

• Telemetry Systems

• Test Equipment and Instrumentation

• Custom Workstations

• Telephony Systems

• Interface Test Units

• Launch Ground Support Equipment

• Protocol Converters










Technical Areas of Expertise




• Real-Time Systems

• Control Systems

• Embedded Systems

• Database Applications

• Client/Server Applications

• Simulation

• Networking (TCP.IP, IPX, NetBIOS)

• Communications (X.25, ATM, etc.)

• Computer telephony / Video Conference

• Multi-Media Development



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