Research & Development

Quadrus pursues interesting technical projects – both to potentially improve our patented custom / COTS software tools, as well as bring new ideas and innovations to market. Our focus is on revenue-generating potential, however, the ideas and inspirations that can come from an atmosphere of pure "invention" – grounded to mature engineering and developmental disciplines – can produce exciting and, potentially valuable results.

In the last 3 years, Quadrus made major investments in pursuit of new ideas. We’ve uncovered some exciting opportunities in electrical and electromagnetic power generation, as well as in development of new voice recognition software applications.

YES - We are always looking for that "next best thing" and Quadrus actively invests time and effort into this pursuit. If you, or someone you know, are chasing a good idea – our corporate staff is eager to meet you, and hear what you are developing. We believe that new ideas are discovered – not just "made" – and we have a proven track record of special project development(s) that we can share, and a process of open investigation, discovery, design, invention, and development, that may interest you. Call our primary contact number and ask for the Vp of Engineering / Operations.

An example of Quadrus Corporation's Research and Development effort is entitled EMPowER. More details are available from the EMPowER PDF

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